September 30, 2017

Google, Launch Smart Jacket That Lets You Answer Calls, Play Music, Use Maps


Google, Launch Smart Jacket That Lets You Answer Calls, Play Music, Use Maps

The technology giant Google and the Western clothing company Levi’s has just introduced a new smart jacket which will enable you to control your smart phone by simply touching its sleeve. Hence, now finally, the technology giant Google and the American clothing company Levi’s has just started this smart jacket.
Google, Levi’s Launch Smart Jacket That Lets You Answer Calls, Play Music, Use Maps
Now, technology makes enormous things happen and those fantastic things have a whole lot to do with us because they make life a lot simpler. But, we are seeing a new trend that for a lot of users go unnoticed, and yes, we are speaking about smart clothes.

A couple of years ago we met with a Project Jacquard, an ATAP technology manufactured by the technology giant Google. It allows to show garments into completely intelligent garments, as a result of the usage of some special substance with reflective detectors named after it: Jacquard Threads.

The tech giant Google a year ago offered Levis their smart jacket designed solely for cyclists. A project that gave much to chat around in this world. Now, we’ve got now the final version of this coat, that’ll hit the market at a price of about $350 that will soon be available using sports stores, amongst others.

The name of the jacket is Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket, also it’s a smart garment, nonetheless it could be washed and used like every other coat on the industry. But, we have to take into account, since we must remove a elastic pressure label with got the circuit that permits the wireless reference to smartphones.

Furthermore, it has the options of alert to the arrival of calls and messages of both tactile kind and mainly, together with light. Likewise, consumers should be able to utilize these chances throughout gestures.

Among other items, it is possible to play or pause music, receive directions or read incoming texting on the basis of the info provided by the technology giant Google.

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We must additionally indicate that those gestures are fully dispersed through the application designed for both the most popular platforms iOS and Android. Thus the users are going to have the ability to configure the jacket to your own liking. In order to complete, for now, will be a test which will visit the current market and observe favorable may be the reaction on the part of users.

Therefore, what do you think about it?

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December 20, 2017 at 7:27 am

The cheapest model that will give you your coordinates and a compass feature is the Garmin eTrex H. The compass on this unit reads from the satellites, so you must be walking for the compass reading to update.

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