April 17, 2017

How to Unlock or Hack Android Pattern or PIN Password



Most of the people think that once you forget your Android device Pattern Lock or PIN, you can only use it after resetting it to the factory data while, some don’t even know a single method which can bypass the security options of their smartphones. And hence, we have listed below a number of different methods which can get you out of trouble by cracking and bypassing the security options within no time!

How To Hack / Unlock / Crack Android Pattern, PIN Password Easily

Ohh! Seems you have lost your Android’s PIN, Pattern Password? Relax! We are always there for you. Let’s Take a deep look over this article and trust me this would helps you a lot in case of losing or forgetting your android’s passwords. So let’s take a look at these different methods and the steps and precautions needed to execute these methods.

Method #1: Android Device Manager (To Unlock PIN Passwords)

(This method is specifically for PINs): This app or website allows you to change the password of your device after you have logged on to your Google account!. So try this method to unlock your Android device if there is any PIN Password.


Step 1- Download this app or go to its website ‘’ on your computer or any other device.
Step 2 – Sign in with the Google account which is logged in on your locked device.
Step 3 – Once you are logged in, you will find 3 different options which read as Ring, Lock, Erase. Go to the option which says ‘Lock’.
Step 4- Then, create a new password here and click on ‘Lock’ option which will be located at the bottom to apply this new password.
Step 5- Use this new password to unlock the device whose password you have just changed.
This is an effective method which one can use to unlock their device when you forget your PIN.
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