May 30, 2018

AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer Complete Review

AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer

Everyone wants the best product and of course at a low price. Well then here is the best electric pressure washer with maximum features at the minimum amount. Yes, the AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer is wholly loaded with lots and lots of features at even lesser cost than other washers. That is what AR is famous for. Well, they completely understand the need of their users. That is why their pressure washers are of low costs and with lots of features. The washer is powerful and used for both indoor as well as outdoor uses. It is the best for peoples who loves cleanliness. No wonder the washer has lots of favourable ratings at Amazon. The washer has lots of things to talk about. So let us just take a look at complete information about this best pressure washer 2018.

Undoubtedly Amazing Features of AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer

Best for Outdoor Use- The washer is full of power and is suitable for outdoor uses. The washer is able and used to wash decks, siding, driveway, outdoor furniture, RVs, ATVs, patios, and many more. The washer is perfect for washing your cars and trucks. I am sure you love your car. Well, everyone does. But no one likes to see a car full of dust. Well, it is not a problem now. Coz now with AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer cleaning your car is in just minutes. Washing your car would not have been as much fun before as it is nowadays with AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer.


The camera includes a Professional-style pressure washer gun. Well, the pressure washer gun didn’t need any further description. All I can say about it is that the gun gives you the washing experience like never before. The washer also has two different wands. Which allows you to change the modes according to your need of washing. No wonder machines are there to reduce the work of humans. And this machine understands its role completely. Also, it has a 20-foot high-pressure hose. Which allows you to wash your ceiling easily. Also, it makes it easy to wash the roof of your car. It also has a 14oz detergent bottle.

Which helps you wash your things with soapy water also. You didn’t need to wash it with detergent water separately. This pressure washer will do it for you. The washer also has two quickly changing wands with pressure washer turbo. Also, many other nozzles are there.

Other features which make AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer Different from others

Environmental Friendly-

The washer is made keeping in mind the environment also. It uses 80% less water as compared to any other washer. Well, saving water is essential nowadays. The washer is best for this purpose. As less and less water and with high pressure is used. Which makes washing easy even with less water. It is not realized that the density of water is less. As it washes with high-pressure ab around 40% more than any other washer also, the pressure washer is a way quieter than any other pressure washer, which is good to prevent water as well as noise pollution.

Easy to assemble

The camera is straightforward to assemble. Just simply take the washer out of the box. It is very easy to insert the hose reel and attach the handle. It is very simple to connect the high-pressure hose and garden hose. Now just plug the GFCI to a three-prong outlet with a ground. And now pull the trigger and start cleaning. Way too easy.

Customer service-

AR provide best in class service. You can simply Contact the AR anytime, At Fridley, Minnesota. You can also use the information given in the user manual.

AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer Complete Review


  • Easy to assemble
  • Environment-friendly
  • Superb customer services
  • Best for outdoor use
  • Includes different attachments and hose
  • Attractive design
  • Shockproof


  • The washer is a little too heavy. But it is not so much difficult to move it

Final views about AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer

According to me, the washer is no doubt a very fantastic piece. The washer has lots of amazing features which makes your work easy. Well, the washer is also environment-friendly which no doubt is an outstanding feature. The washer saves electricity, didn’t make any sound. Also, the washer saves water. I loved this feature and impressed with this washer. No wonder others are also impressed. Which I get to know after looking at its amazing ratings on Amazon.

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