Archery Made Easy: Check these Archery games for iOS & Android

While the world of online games is hugely dominated by games like Candy Crush, Ludo, Minecraft, and other games, archery games enjoy a newfound excitement among the Indian audience. Concentrating on the target and flexing your fingers before you shoot the arrow and hit the target is a breath-taking experience. Archery games are one of the best thrilling and exciting games that allow the players to learn the basics of archery and have a great time.

Archery games are a combination of sports and mind-games and are a great source of entertainment for beginners and pros alike. Many archery games have exhilarating settings like dense forests, barren lands, deserts, and other exciting places as a visual treat. Apart from targeting circular boards with colorful stripes, many archery games have fun elements like moving targets or hunting naught rabbits or wild ducks. Here are some of the best archery games for Android and iOS players to have a great gaming experience.

Archery games by MPL

Several archery games are out there; however, choosing the best game among so many options is difficult. MPL offers one of the best archery games, a great addition to this genre. With multiple battles to choose from, you will never be bored of playing archery for several hours. Not only that, the platform offers a wide variety of rewards and other prizes.

You can invite your friends or participate in different weekly and monthly tournaments. Even more, staying on the top of the leaderboard has its advantages as you will be eligible to win more cash prizes. Stop worrying about choosing the best archery game app; choose MPL for an exciting and rewarding gaming experience.

Ninja Creed

A great addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Ninja Creed is one of the best games for people keen to learn archery. Moreover, the game is filled with striking graphics, an exciting soundtrack, and several other features. Furthermore, the game allows you to redefine traditional archery and use a modern bow and arrows to target your enemies.

The app also has a puzzle-like appearance similar to PUBG and Among Us. The game contains a map to spot the enemy and distract them from reaching their targets. Moreover, the game puts you on edge, with you on a constant lookout for the enemies. The game is an exciting and interesting app for archery lovers with several hideouts and stealthy features. The game is available for free for both Android and iOS.                 

Archery Master 3D

Archery Master 3D is known for its three-dimensional graphics and traditional gameplay in twists and turns. With weekly and monthly tournaments on the app, the game is relatively modern and has several exciting features. For optimal fun, you can practice and chisel your targeting and shooting skills in a field, pine forest, barren land, desert, or dense rainforest. Moreover, the app presents the best graphics and is available for free to download and enjoy to make things life-like.

Unlike other traditional archery games, Archery Master 3D has several boosters and power-ups that could be used in times of distress. Additionally, you can even buy boosters and other pieces of equipment online in the in-built app store. From cool bows and enhanced arrows to other equipment for a powerful archer appearance, the app is jam-packed with the best options for the archer in you.

Archery Go

A one-of-a-kind single-player game, Archery Go gives you the best-customized experience and lets you enjoy the game without any distractions. You can practice your archery skills or put your capabilities to the test with this game. Moreover, with the completion of each level, the game will get intense and pretty difficult. Additionally, the game comes up with several targets rather than the boring circular ones. The game is available in multiple modes like adventurer mode, PVE mode, and MP mode.

The PVE mode allows you to practice peacefully and enhance your skills to get better at the game. The PVE mode is designed to align with the progress of the beginners, and the levels are easy, and you can play at your own pace. On the brighter side, the adventure mode unleashes the adventurer in you and lets you explore different places in a colorful gaming mode. In contrast, the MP mode allows you to compete with friends with several tournaments and weekly contests on the go. 

Tiny Archers

The game is a perfect fit for fantasy lovers. The plot advances with a kingdom being attacked by a squad of hungry monsters consisting of goblins, vampires, trolls, and other ugly creatures. These bloodthirsty creatures are all set to create a stir in your tower. You will be dressed as a tiny archer who has the grave responsibility of saving the tower from these dark creatures of the underworld.

In the initial stage of the game, you will be allotted a simple bow and arrow, and you have to hit arrows at the creatures to kill them constantly. However, after finishing the initial levels successfully, you will be allotted more enhanced and powerful equipment to boost your skills. The game comes up with massive hundred levels, and the levels become intense with the onset of several other dark creatures. Like Archery Go, the game has an MP mode to invite your friends and strategize your moves via chat in the app and beat monsters together.


Whether you like to flaunt your archery skills in a barren desert or you want monsters as your targets, you have all the best options to choose from. If you are into fantasy or want a bit of difficulty mixed with intensity, the games mentioned above are the best options. To learn archery, there’s no need to step out on the field anymore; download these free apps on your Android or iOS device and sharpen your arrows to hit some targets.

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