Tips and Tricks to Create Employee Training Videos

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Your employees are your company’s greatest assets. Thus, you must set your employees up for success by using fun and informative training videos. Using video content makes traditional training a lot easier. Everyone knows that training in today’s workplace can be costly and time-consuming. However, leaders must provide it for the growth and development of … Read more

Top 10 Fan Favorite Apps – September 2019

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Apps on our mobile phone can make everyday life simpler. There are thousands of solutions to all problems. Games, social networks, exercise, food, or savings programs. Apps have been created for probably most of your needs. Mobile applications are part of our life. For Android or iOS, on your PC, Tablet, smartphone, or even your … Read more

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft 2020

Creation of adventurous3D sandbox game by Markus Persson was released in 2011 by the name of Minecraft which was later purchased by Microsoft in 2014. This game is designed in a way that gives freedom to players to use their minds creatively and in an innovative manner. It engages the player in building blocks with … Read more

Top 5 best emulator for Pubg

Top 5 best emulator for pubg :

Player Unknown’s Battleground is the most trending game right now. If it is not for its mobile version, which was launched about a year ago for Android platform, it may not have been known to most of the world. And this all started from its PC version. Pubg is originally developed for PC, and it … Read more

4 reasons Why BHIM is better than other Private Wallets


BHIM a first government UPI payment system mobile application was introduced on 30th December 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Since the government has launched its Unified Payment interface Since the government has launched its Unified Payment Interface, few banks have also lined up to release its own. BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money. … Read more

Best Bean Bag Chair 2018

Best Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags are some of the most comfortable yet underrated chairs. They have gained significant popularity in recent times since their invention by three Italian men in the 1960’s. You might find a bean bag in a teenager’s room or a bachelor pad. Bean bags come in different shapes and sizes, and you don’t have … Read more

Guide to Use Reverse Image Search Small SEO Tools

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The images of a photographer show his/her dedication and hard work for perfect shots. Many photographers share their work online to get acknowledgment. They design their website to share photographs or use social media platforms to interact with their fans. Photographers and editors wish to take the credit of their work without sharing it with … Read more