Guide to Use Reverse Image Search Small SEO Tools

revers small seo tools

The images of a photographer show his/her dedication and hard work for perfect shots. Many photographers share their work online to get acknowledgment. They design their website to share photographs or use social media platforms to interact with their fans. Photographers and editors wish to take the credit of their work without sharing it with … Read more

Proofread Your Content with Free Online Grammar Check Software


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Ways to get back iCloud contacts back on your iPhone After Deleting

restore cloud backup

Ways to get back iCloud contacts back on your iPhone Why have my friend’s iPhone contacts disappeared? You may find the necessity to re-sync your iPhone with iCloud. Whenever I sign out of iCloud and back in on my iPhone, some of my contacts will unavoidably disappear. Given sufficient time, most of them reinstate (it … Read more

Android Multi Tools v1.02b Download Zip for PC Pattern Lock Remover


Android Multi Tools is a software for unlocking the pattern and password; Even you can Flash Custom ROM In your android devices. If you’re looking for your Android Multi Tools v1.02b Hence, we’re sharing with one of the very best patterns lock cracker tool. Android Multi Tools can get discarded of the design lock at the most … Read more

Kickass Proxy KAT Mirror Sites and Proxies Kickass UnBlocked List.

Kickass proxy working torrent proxy websites list of 2018, 2019

What’s a Kickass Proxy Server? Kickass Proxy is a Server pushes your IP address so you can get a specific website. Even in case your Government or ISP has blocked a website, you can access this website with the support of a proxy host. You’re able to consider it as a copy to the original website … Read more

6 Best WordPress SEO Plugins in 2018 That You Should Try

best seo plugin in 2018

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Pre-Order the Exclusive HTC U12+ Plus Full Specification Review

HTC U12+ Plus Full Specification Review

Exclusive HTC U12+ plus Full Specification Review is the most significant participant in the Arab e-commerce marketplace and provides a variety of merchandise for individuals residing in the Arab nations. The site attracts over 45 million clients to get its over 600000 goods at substantial discounts. The website has been supplying irresistible discounts and … Read more

Download TubeMate for PC Free YouTube Video Downloader For windows


Hey There! in this article I am going to show how to download youtube videos with tubemate for windows PC Once in a while, you need to download a lot of videos from various sites. For instance, YouTube or Vimeo. In the meantime on a computer installed Microsoft Windows. For this situation, there is nothing less demanding than to download TubeMate for pc windows.

The primary target of the program is to download and save video from the web. You can pick the format and determination downloadable video. It bolsters the accompanying formats: avi, mp4, 3gp. You can likewise save just the music from video to mp3 format.

Download TubeMate For PC Free.

Download this program in OS Windows just in the Android emulator. For instance, blue stars since this program aren’t the official PC form.

On the off possibility that you are exploring for Download Tubemate For PC/Windows then you are at correct place. Watching videos on YouTube is a good time. However, if I say every one of the videos we seek on YouTube would go ahead our work area and download tubemate for pc. At that point? You would state I’m clowning. Be that as download tubemate for pc may, in a genuine way, it is valid and good software for YouTube Video Downloader For windows. You can download videos from YouTube with the assistance of this application. Also, in this article, we will disclose to you how to download TubeMate for Windows XP/7/8/10?

TubeMate for windows 7,8,10.

To download videos from YouTube. You will require this wonderful application in your work area. It gives you most intriguing highlights. By which you would have the capacity to download videos from YouTube in a split second.

Tubemate for windows is a software which is valuable to you, Indeed, when the web association is poor what’s more, no web association moreover. This application gives you the element of downloading the video, what’s more, can store all the download tubemate for pc videos into the internal memory of your PC Not just this, you can watch videos and YouTube Video Downloader For windows. Which are saved in your work area?

Step by step instructions to Download TubeMate on the PC.

  • “Download tubemate for pc” record from our site.
  • Install emulator BlueStacks
  • Open BlueStacks from the menu.
  • Install the application tubemate apk.
  • launch TubeMate from the application menu YouTube Video Downloader For windows.

As the installation procedure finishes. You would endeavour to run it on your PC. Go to the ‘all applications’ choice in the computer, here is download tubemate for pc.

  1. At that stage, go to the TubeMate Download for PC free employment.
  2. Moreover, tap on the TubeMate YouTube Downloader to run the letter.
  3. At that point, you will see infinite highlights. You can pick according to your decision.
  4. Subsequently, tap on the open app.

How to Download tubemate for windows PC.

At that point, seek videos, according to your longing. What’s more, download them from your computer. Further, tap on the green bolt choice to begin the downloading of the video. With various screen determination alternatives. Tap on your preferred determination. At that point, tap on the green down bolt and download the document.
A short time later, the videos will be downloaded consequently on your computer.



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How to Have an Impact on SEO By Switching to HTTPS ? – 2018

Impact on SEO this 2018 by Switching to HTTPS

What is the impact on SEO By Switching to HTTPS.

Recent Analysis has proven that around 68% of internet users fear that their data is not secured on websites in which they share.

That is why Google has proceeded further to make sure whether those data are secured. Google confirms that security is their top priority. To provide an advanced source of protection to customers, the need for HTTPS as ranking signal arose in early 2014.

On Google announcing this update, marketers across the world have started to make efforts to know whether the SSL certificate is good for SEO. And if it is going to be “YES” then which SSL certificate would be assistance for their SEO efforts.

There is a huge mystery that prevails in opting for an SSL certificate. To help you all with this and to make you all understand the importance of using an SSL certificate, I have decided to phrase this post. Would you be interested to have a look at it?

Let’s Get Started!

The Need for SSL Certificate for a Better Optimization:

Though usage of SSL certificates could benefit their customers very much, website owners are worried whether installing this certificate could benefit them or not. Here are certain benefits of using an SSL certificate.

HTTPS Boosts Ranks:

Impact on SEO this 2018 by Switching to HTTPS
Impact on SEO this 2018 by Switching to HTTPS


Google has confirmed the ranking boosts of HTTPS, on the other hand, the ranking boosts are expected to be noticed only a little. In fact, HTTPS is not going to play a major part in rank boosts. You could expect changes at a minimal point.

It is really hard to spot out changes that have occurred due to the installation of SSL certificate.
If ranking is going to be your major concern then, you need to concentrate on a couple of things that include the installation of SSL certificate.
Ensuring all the other stuff that boosts SEO ranking and neglecting SSL certificate alone is never going to help you anyway. It is likely to concentrate on everything parallel.

Privacy and Security:

Many proclaim that SSL certificate is effective only when the site uses effective passwords. It does not work the way that others think. Even a boring content website could benefit through HTTPS or SSL certificate.

  • HTTPS builds up security in different ways.
  • HTTPS confirms that the website is one that the server is talking to.
  • It preserves from man-in-the-middle attacks providing security to your clients.
  • HTTPS encrypts all essential data which includes URLs, browsing history and credit card numbers.

Security is one ultimate reason behind rank boost and it is recommended to have SSL certificate for both security and rank boosts.

Improves Referrer Data:

The referrer data is stripped away whenever the traffic passes from an HTTPS site to an HTTP site. This is predicted as the direct traffic on your analysis. It is because you do not know where the traffic comes from.

You have a simple solution for it when the traffic passes to an HTTPS site, the secure referral information is preserved. This is true no matter the website holds HTTP or HTTPS.

Is there any SEO concern while switching from HTTP to HTTPS?

Regarding SEO, you should be concerned when you are switching from HTTP to HTTPS. As Google has been intimating webmasters for a long time about this fact, it is not required for you to go through the motions to ensure your traffic.

Google has come up with the following practices that could help when switching from HTTP to HTTPS:

  • Prefer the kind of certificate you need: single, multi-domain or wildcard SSL certificate
  • Engage 2048-bit key certificates.
  • Use relevant URLs for sources that reside on the same secure domain.
  • Make sure to use relative protocol URLs for all other areas Avoid blocking your HTTPS site from crawling using robots.txt.
  • Permit indexing of pages by search engines if needed.
  • Restrict the no index robots meta tag.
  • Google has also updated Google Webmaster Tools to properly handle HTTPS sites and the reporting on them.
  • Track your HTTP to HTTPS migration carefully in your analytics software and within Google Webmaster Tools.

Provided it is recommended to have a look at the brief introduction about HTTP/HTTPS and some tips on switching to SSL/HTTPS before kick starting.

The following are some of the steps to be considered before proceeding.

  1. Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on the web server.
  2. Choose the server software used to generate the CSR.
  3. Select the hash algorithm that you wish to use.
  4. Enter the validity period for your Certificate.

Wrap Up:

Switching to HTTPS has good terms for your website with Google. Provided you could also harvest all the SEO benefits which include ranking on Google.

HTTPS is a way to protect your website from malicious attacks and from getting your customer data stolen. And it is always recommended as an act of securing customer data apart from ranking concern.
But when security is considered as the ultimate need for customers, Google has decided to rank websites that concentrate on security measures.

So this could help you to rank on Google. It is good that you do not spare much time in deciding whether to opt for HTTPS or not. I would suggest switching to HTTPS is an appreciable act.

If you have already initiated the step towards switching to HTTPS, then do not hesitate to proceed further. You have already stepped in exactly where you need to be and how your business needs to be projected. To your notice, installing HTTPS is instantly going to have a great impact on your traffic as people expect security as their first preference you could boldly initiate the switching process.

Have you processed it already? And if you have seen any improvement on installing HTTPS do let me know about it. I would love to hear it from you.

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Best Laptop To Buy Under 50000 in 2018


Thinking about buying a laptop?
Recommended brands for you.

I have been using laptops for several years, and I have been working on several repairs per month. I have tried first and second hand the best-known brands, and I have heard from clients and friends the experiences they have had. This is the ranking of laptop brands from the worst to the best as per my experience.
First of all, I clarify that this review is based on standard, light use, going through office work to heavier jobs with design programs as well as gaming.


Best laptop available under 50000 (Fifty Thousands Rupees).

  1. SONY
  2. HP
  4. ASUS
  6. DELL
  7. ACER


laptop-under 50k

In general, I have always seen Sony as a company that offers laptops with prices above average, oriented to multimedia and general use. It is the brand that I recommend the least for a laptop. They can be very good in other types of electronics, but in laptops: Period.

I have seen several fail with serious problems, mostly screen, they are not very resistant.

They usually bring good configurations.


laptop-under 50k

As Sony has not enjoyed a good image regarding durability. It’s the brands that I do not recommend.


Many factory crapware (which can be removed), generally slow and many models come with factory failures.
Some of the Models such as DV6000 have design problems that cause overheated and broke the video card. One such case surprised me because in the US they refused to give refunds until the problem became very.

Good aesthetic details.



Best laptop available under 50000

Here the thing starts to get good. Samsung is one of the brands that I recommend.


Bearing in mind that ALL the equipment of ALL brands is created within the programmed obsolescence the Samsung is gaining a reputation on my list.
They seem durable, although I need to see them for one or two more years.
They have good aesthetics and good benefits. The price is not the best, but it is not overpriced.


I have not found major flaws yet. Only once to reinstall a computer to its factory state was the process confusing.




A brand that I recommend mainly for heavy use and gaming.


well-armed models of benefits. Generally, the components/models are pulling the latest and most modern, the most powerful. Especially the models designed for games.


The price, although each time they offer versions that maintain good configurations at more suitable prices.



We enter the Top 3. Toshiba is stable, rarely fail. Reliable for personal use as well as for companies and journeys.

Stable, reliable, there is not much more to say.

A lot of crapware to uninstall, not many variants in configuration.




Dell. It offers sober models, adjustable in many cases and quite stable.


I have rarely seen Dell laptops fail. They withstand extreme mobility (trips, blows, etc.) and in addition to the features have good support for drivers.
The website is relatively easy to navigate to find information.
They have an excellent service of support and replacement of parts, at least in the corporate options.
I received parts in less than a week. You can request support by Chat.

The price is sometimes very high for import costs, but if you buy in the US are more accessible.
In my experience in the last two years, Dell offers a lot of quality.
The price is not the best, but they have good support (although they have their buts to contact and agree).




acer-laptop-under 50k

The winning brand of my trust for more than four years is ACER. and it’s weird because about 15 years ago, in one of my first jobs Acer was a disastrous brand, bad endings, failures everywhere.

Detestable But something happened in the company (in fact some changes of direction) and today is one of the companies with more equipment production in the world.



  1. Resistant. I have taken laptops every day in cars, motorcycles and have never failed. The first one I had I sold it, and it is still working with small flaws. Seven years are working!
  2. The second I still have it, and I’m about to sell it with updates, and the third is the one I’m using right now to write these lines.
  3. They also have multiple configurations, and the prices are generally the lowest.
  4. Many times the models of the components are not the latest, but that helps to have good equipment at a lower cost.


  1. I have seen complaints on the Internet regarding models that fail … from the factory. That is, if they fail, they come badly. Generally, they are not to fail, but when they do it is serious.



I have not included Lenovo or IBM because they are brands that I have not had the pleasure of trying to taste. However, if I recommend them as an alternative, then I will put the best laptop available under 50000 at the same level as the Dell or the Asus.
I have not added to Apple either because they are less flexible regarding use, but mainly because it is not a brand that I use, much less that I have reviewed.

My limited experience with Apple is to say that many users love the brand or hate it.
I hope these recommendations serve you and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries.

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What is Cryptocurrency – Things to know about it


Digital asset- Cryptocurrency is a digital asset used as a medium of exchange. In India, cryptocurrency has a lot of work to do. Despite the lack of regulations, Indian law protects cryptocurrency investors. The Reserve Bank of India’s announcement on cryptocurrency has destabilized both the trader and investor community as they would face massive losses. … Read more

Business branding 2018: How To Stand Out In The Market Successfully

How To Stand Out In The Market Successfully

The cut-throat competition among businesses is making it difficult for new entrants to establish themselves in the market. Even if they’re talented and have a unique idea that can change the world, they have to face a lot of problems, in the beginning, to make their voices heard. This is where proper branding can help … Read more

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