CompTIA FC0-U51 Exam Overview and CompTIA IT Fundamentals Benefits

CompTIA IT Fundamentals is an introduction to the basics of IT skills and knowledge. This credential is designed to help the individuals planning to start a career in the field of IT to make an informed decision. It is also developed to equip entry-level professionals with a fundamental understanding of Information Technology.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals is the only pre-career certification designed to help the students and entry-level specialists determine if IT is the right career path for them and if they have the required proficiency to take up a job role in the industry. It is also the only certificate that is focused on all the areas of Information Technology foundations. It creates a broader understanding of IT, which is useful for professionals with no prior technical knowledge. CompTIA ITF+ also creates a framework of IT education for the students in high school and even in middle school.

Download Free from Websit To earn the CompTIA IT Fundamentals credential, the candidates are required to pass either FC0-U51 or FC0-U61. Both exams cover the essential knowledge and skills of IT that are required to carry out tasks generally performed by the entry-level professionals and advanced end-users. These competencies include utilizing the functions and features of basic operating systems and instituting network connectivity; utilizing web browsing and security best practices; and recognizing basic software applications and their general purpose.

CompTIA FC0-U51: Exam Details

The FC0-U51 test covers the foundational concepts of IT, which include identifying and describing computer components, preventing security risks, establishing network connectivity, and installing the software. The exam is made up of a maximum of 75 questions, and the candidates have 60 minutes for its completion. The question type is basically multiple-choice, and the passing score is 650 points on a scale of 900. There is no prerequisite for attempting this certification test. The students can take the exam in different languages. However, it is important to mention that although the English version will retire July 15, 2019, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, and Thai are still available till December 1, 2019.

The FC0-U51 exam is intended for those individuals who are considering taking up a job role in IT or/and advanced end-users in Information Technology. The test is also ideal for those who want to pursue professional-level credentials like CompTIA A+.

To register for this ITF+ exam, you are required to go through the Pearson VUE website. The exam fee is now $119, but the price can vary depending on the country.

CompTIA FC0-U51: Skills Measured

The CompTIA FC0-U51 exam is meant to evaluate some knowledge and skills. It is crucial that you understand these areas of knowledge before you sit for the test. What abilities do you need to get before you take this ITF+ certification exam?

  • IT Concepts and Terminology: The candidates are required to develop competence in notational systems. They should be able to illustrate the fundamentals of computing and describe the value of data and troubleshooting.
  • Infrastructure: The individuals should know how to install and set up basic peripheral devices to a PC/laptop. They should also know how to secure a common wireless network.
  • Applications and Software: The test-takers need to develop competence in managing applications software. They are also required to understand the different components of an operating system and describe the specific purpose of various techniques of application architecture.
  • Software Development: The students should be able to understand programming language categories, understand the purpose of programming concepts, and interpret logic.
  • Database Fundamentals: The applicants should be able to explain the concepts of database, as well as its purpose and structures. In addition, you should understand the techniques used for interface.
  • Security: The examinees should understand integrity, availability, and confidentiality concerns of various security devices and the techniques of the best practice.

CompTIA FC0-U51: Preparation Options

Although the exam is a foundational one, the candidates still need to study for it, especially those who have no prior technical knowledge in the industry. There are various tools available for exam preparation. You can start from the official certification webpage to review the recommended materials for the test. In addition to this, there are other resource platforms online that offer training and prep tools for the exam. You might want to explore the different available channels to boost your chance of success. You can start with practice tests from Gov Result to discover your knowledge gaps.

CompTIA FC0-U51: Target Audience

As earlier mentioned, the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification is aimed at those individuals who need to decide if the field of IT is the best career path for them. Therefore, the students interested in a career in IT should consider this credential. In addition to this, the professionals working in other spheres but who require a general understanding of Information Technology should also give it a great deal of thought. The certificate is also ideal for the sales, marketing, and operations specialists working in IT-based companies.

About 5.4 million professionals work in the field of technology across the United States. This represents an increase of about 2% of new jobs created over a period of around 2 years. In other words, the world of IT opens a growing and lucrative career path. However, it is not designed for everyone. To know if you are appropriate for a career in this industry, starting with the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification will help you decide if this field is good for you.


After passing your CompTIA FC0-U51 exam, you can go ahead to earn your ITF+ credential. With this certificate, you can find your way in the industry and start off your career in one of the most promising areas. The FC0-U51 test is also a good foundation for other more advanced certifications.

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