Web hosting has been a great solution to website owners ever since the Internet came into existence. While websites are becoming more content oriented and deal with substantial incoming traffic, hosting preferences are also changing.

It may become detriment sometimes when you choose a hosting service, and it doesn’t go well with your website requirements. Perhaps this is the reason why it is always required to go through your website preferences first, before opting for a hosting solution.


You come across tons of options when it comes to hosting your website. While it is incredibly confusing which opportunity to go with, it is equally important to know what kind of hosting package will suit your hosting preferences.

Shared Hosting can be your best pal to go with if you are new to the website world. This is one of the most popular hosting option that students and small websites owner rely on. Let’s dive into it and see what it is like to have shared hosting.

Small Insight – Shared hosting offers a website owner to use a single server. It usually comes with a cap on resource consumption with a limited number of resources. Depending on the package you opt for your hosting needs, each account has a set amount of resources.

It is known for being one of the cheapest and super economical hosting options for all kinds of users. However, it comes with a limit (as mentioned above), but it is extremely reliable for a small blog and a single website.

The majority of the hosting companies offer a similar amount of storage and space to their customers. Therefore, it is up to a user which one they go with. It is wise to review the performance of a hosting provider before choosing to go with one.

Shared Hosting – Advantages

  1. 1. Shared Hosting is by far one of the cheapest options for website hosting available in the online market.
  2. 2. Majority of the hosting providers have several levels of web hosting options available, which makes it easy for you to upgrade your hosting plan. This is what makes shared hosting a perfect way to start with.
  3. 3. More often than not, your shared hosting account is equipped with a cPanel (inbuilt) that makes it easy for you to steer your website.
  4. 4. Your shared hosting account does not require any maintenance with regard to the server settings.

Think of your shared hosting account as an option to fit well in your budgetary requirement. Also, it is a good alternative if you are just getting started with your website. Plus you can always change your existing plan to a bigger one once you feel your site is growing.



VPS hosting offers you a more robust nature of features when it comes to hosting. Though it may cost you a bit more as compared to the shared hosting, it does make sense if you are dealing with heavy traffic and big database.

It offers you more tweaked performance when it comes to resource consumption and root access. Also, you can configure your server settings at any given moment in time. Your VPS account allows you to customize your resources with regards to your online preferences.

Speaking of which, you can drop and add a resource in your server setting as per your website’s demand. If security is your biggest concern, VPS can provide you with the utmost protection that a shared hosting package cannot afford.  

Small Insight – Just like shared hosting, it does too come with a cap, but it is customizable. In simple words, it is a middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. You can say that it is a shared hosting (virtual, however) available at a fractional cost of dedicated hosting.

It provides you with extreme flexibility where you can configure your server with the help of a control panel. Chances are, you may want to run some mission-critical applications to sustain your online requirements, and they must not get offline.

Your VPS account syncs well with all kinds of control panels (whether proprietary or open-source). Whether it is the cPanel you use or you wish to go with Plesk, you can run any kind of software script and application through your VPS package.

VPS Hosting – Advantages

1. Unlike shared hosting, it provides you more uptime and quicker load-time, and little to no bounce rates.

2. It is perfect for an e-commerce website that demands more bandwidth to handle user traffic and disk space to manage the website data.

3. It is a low-cost solution for your hosting requirements at the minimum cost possible.

4. A VPS server can run for years and stays as fresh as it once installed the pricing of dedicated internet access

Dedicated Hosting

Having a dedicated server is no less than owning an entire house. It is a perfect choice for those who are running a successful online campaign or a website that deals with massive viewer traffic every second.

Your dedicated server comprises unlimited resources which you can take advantage of at any time. It is like you own the entire house and only you are entitled to use the resources available in your house.

The dedicated server is consisting of adequate RAM, disk space, CPU power, bandwidth, and so forth. Whether it is about maneuvering several applications simultaneously or hosting multiple websites at the same time, a dedicated server handles everything smoothly.

While it may cost you a little more than a VPS, but it does exactly and a little more than what a VPS cannot. Now, that doesn’t make VPS any less of a contender in the hosting community as it has its fair share of advantages when it comes to web hosting.

The online market has numerous hosting providers, and Hostinger is one of them. They are well known for their cheaper hosting plans consisting of robust performance. If you are interested in exploring VPS packages, click on this link for black Friday hosting deals.


Those were a few of the top hosting solutions that can change the outcome of your business. However, it is advised to study what is it that your website requires carefully.

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