How to Clip Web Pages and Content from Android and iOs

While surfing on the web on your Android smartphone or iOs device, you may want that interesting page to be saved, not just bookmark it. You can save the page with the content on your phone or store it in a cloud drive. There are many ways of saving the web page for offline reading. You can convert it to PDF, which can be locally saved in the device or synchronize to cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox. You also can use an offline reader app to save the entire article to read it later or send the whole passage of the web page in the body of an email message.

Bookmarking the web page on a Safari in an iPad or iPhone saves the URL of the page in the bookmark folder, where there is another URL also snuggled in it. This is also helpful when you play casino bonus free games. When you want to visit the page without an internet connection, it only provides an error message. But the iOS Reading List can take a virtual snapshot of the webpage store it in internal shared storage or SD card or synchronize with cloud storage options. To save a webpage to the Reading List, tap the Action button (the square button with an arrow) in the Safari browser then hit Add to Reading List. To open the Reading List, touch the Bookmark button, which seems like an open book, then tap the Reading List tab, which looks like a pair of reading glass.

Reading List automatically goes the latest version of the web page when you visit the page online. But when you access its offline mode, the Reading List revert back to the older/cached version.

Chrome (Android Only)

While surfing a web page on Chrome, there is an easy way to download the page for offline reading. Chrome would not harmonize the downloaded page to other Android devices you use, which iOS Reading List features does by design. iOs try to update the saved pages on the Reading List, even can show a “404” error message since the page has vanished from the web. Chrome does not try to update it and treat the saved pages as permanent print. On two different tabs, you can compare the saved web page with the live web page. To save a webpage on this browser, tap on the three dots, this is located on the right-hand top corner of the screen. Then tap on the download bottom, which looks like a down arrow. To view the saved pages tap on the three-dot menu button, then on the download icon. To delete it or share it with someone, tap and hold the page for a few seconds.

Save it as PDF

When a webpage is saved in the Reading list or in chrome, the page looks identical to the original version. The PDF version may look a bit messy and disorderly. But the advantage is that you can take a print out of it even if the web page with the same content is not available on the web.

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