May 30, 2018

Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam Best Car Dash Cam Complete In Dept Review

Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam

When we can spend so much money on our car, Then why not a little on its security? The best front and rear dash cam which keeps the complete protection of your vehicle. Well, it is true, the Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam not only provides you with constant looking after your car but also helps in keeping safety while driving. And it is not as much expensive as much you are going to spend on your car to clear a dent or a long scratch. Afterall precaution is better than cure.
Pruveeo is the company which always try to provide you more and more in less and less price. They keep on adding more and more features in their dash cams. They are connected to all the latest technology which they are providing you with their dash cams. So here I bought for you today a complete description on Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam. So let us get a look at its features and other things.

Features of Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam


The Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display. Which executes it extremely easy to use the dash cam while driving it becomes tough to manage to use the dash cam. But with a touchscreen display, it becomes straightforward to maintain even while driving the car.

The Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam is a dual dash camera. The front camera is with excellent 1080p resolution. Which provides clear picture quality. The camera has 150-degree lens for wide coverage. The camera covers more than even a whole road. So on a journey, not even a single moment will be missed to be recorded by the camera.

The rear camera is also very clear. It provides the clear picture from the back side of the car. It becomes very easy to park the car with the help of this rear camera. The rear camera is also waterproof. Which is unique as well as an essential thing in a rear camera? You can use this rear camera even while driving in the rain. It even provides the clear picture in the rain also. You didn’t even have to take tension if your car is parked outside with the cameras on and suddenly it starts raining. Because the camera is waterproof.

Auto display parking Image-

You didn’t need to take tension while parking your car. The camera is loaded with lots of automatic features. The screen of dash cam automatically starts showing the backside image in the whole big screen. As soon as you change the gear to reverse. You didn’t need to even press any button it’s all automatic. Now, this feature sounds impressive. It also helps you take lot security by showing the clear picture of the backside of your car.
Well, this feature is the most needed for new drivers. As they didn’t need to be hyper while driving. They just need to focus on their driving. The camera will do all its work automatically. The driver can be relaxed.

Some Additional Features of Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam

Picture-in-picture Display-

The camera has a feature of picture-in-picture display. This feature provides you with an option to set the display only on one camera view. Or at both the camera view simultaneously. As both the cameras are on at the same time, their picture can also be seen at the same time with this feature.

The camera has a one touchscreen design. The user can change the display quick by a single touch on the screen. Well, what is the benefit of a machine if it didn’t make your work easy and more convenient? So this dash cam is at most convenient and easy to use. That’s the reason Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam is the rated best dash cam.

Easy installation and Operations-

The camera can be easily installed. It can simply fit over the rearview mirror of your car. And the cable can be plugged into the cigarette lighter area.

Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam review

Other Physical Features

The camera is easy to handle, and its size is just 7 inch of the front camera. And rear view camera is even smaller. It simply fits in the rearview mirror and with its small size it can not be identified easy. Which is a plus point to catch any culprit. The camera is also very lightweight. It weighs only 1.49 pounds. Which means it is effortless to carry also. It also has attractive looks and trendy style which will surely gonna match your car.


  • Attractive looks.
  • Easy to install.
  • Auto display parking image.
  • Picture-in-picture display.
  • Touchscreen.


  • Due to touch screen, the show can be touched by mistake. But it also has a display lock feature.
  • It is non-adjustable. But it fits on rearview mirror so it can be adjusted through mirror only.

Vinal words about Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam

According to me, this dash camera is perfect. The camera has soo many amazing features. The touchscreen display is also a very convenient feature. The camera is just loaded with lots of quality. It has a huge rating on Amazon.

To record your journey this camera is just amazing with its superb picture quality. Even the camera is remarkable when it comes to keeping a watch on your car. It also helps you checking back while parking the car. Well, when it comes to keeping your car safe. No other choice is best except for Pruveeo D700 Dash Cam.

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