Guide to Use Reverse Image Search Small SEO Tools

The images of a photographer show his/her dedication and hard work for perfect shots. Many photographers share their work online to get acknowledgment. They design their website to share photographs or use social media platforms to interact with their fans.

Photographers and editors wish to take the credit of their work without sharing it with others. For these people, you can find similar image on, Reverse Image Search can be a useful tool. You can find out a person who is searching your images without your consent and take advantage of these images. Reverse image search is the right solution for you.

This tool will help you to protect your images. It is an excellent trick to prevent others from taking advantage of your work. Small SEO Tools allows you to check the plagiarism of your pictures with the help of image search tool. You can use this platform in almost all browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari.

Start Searching Images with Reverse Image Search

The procedure is easy to find the use of copyrighted images on other websites. You can start your search for particular images in these ways:

  • Upload Image: You can see a camera icon in the Small SEO Tools. You can upload one image by clicking on this icon and choose an image. After uploading an image, hit the search button and you will find the desired results within a few seconds.
  • Drag & Drop: You can upload images with drag and drop from your computer or Cloud to start your reverse image search.
  • Image URL: If you want to check the results of a particular image, you can right click this image and copy its URL. Click on the icon of the camera in a search bar and paste the URL of an image. It allows you to find results for these images in a few seconds. You will get result pages with similar photos.

Find Pages to Verify Duplicate Content.

With reverse image search, you will get the details of pages with similar content. The result pages will show sites, images, and display pages as per size and similarity. You can click through these pages to check if you got credit for your work. To give you credit, they must link back to a website to provide you with credit for your work.


Protect Your Hard Work from Customization

Reverse image search allows you to protect your online images. This tool makes it easy for you to defend your authentic work. The tool is free for everyone. Keep it in mind that pinning one picture can’t be a case of plagiarism, but the use of someone else’s image without authorization is.

If a person is using stock images, it will not be considered as a plagiarism. The other people can also use the same stock images. For this purpose, it will be good to customize photographs or use original photos.

With the use of reverse image search, you can check your profile picture. Several times people share or repost this picture without your approval. They may use the photo of author to accredit him/her.  

With the help of this tool, you can get credit for your work. Instead of reporting a person for the use of your image, you can ask them to link back your website. Reverse image search can take you to these websites where you find their contact information.

You can send them a sweet and short message instead of being harsh. This tool will help you to find out an online impostor. The search results of the tool will reveal if the people are deceitful about their personality.

Small SEO Tools allow you to save time because this free tool can search a photo within a few seconds. It helps you to maintain your uniqueness in the online world.

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