Eight reasons to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine

Ukraine is an exciting, multicultural country and the second biggest nation in Europe. Many tech giants, including IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, and Googleб have all based their operations in Ukraine at one stage or another. If you are thinking of hiring a dedicated development team in Ukraine, you’re on the right track! We’ll set out all of the benefits of hiring Ukraine dedicated developers for your business. 

Why look for a dedicated development team in Ukraine? 

Before we get into the ins and outs of hiring developers in Ukraine, we should take a quick look at the growing tech industry in Ukraine. In 2019, 4% of Ukraine’s GDP can be attributed to the IT industry, mostly due to outsourcing. 

Over 100 Fortune 500 companies outsource to Ukraine, and its IT export volume went up 36% to nearly seven billion dollars in 2021, up from five billion in 2020. Some of the high-profile companies that had offices in Ukraine include Amazon, Apple, Wix, Uber, Lyft, and JustAnswer. 

More than 126 startups have raised VC funding in Ukraine since 2021 and the Ukrainian-founded site Grammarly was valued at $13 billion in 2021. Gitlab, Jooble, and InvisibleCRM also have their roots in the country. 

Here’s why you should look for your offshore development team in Ukraine:

1. Tax breaks 

Ukraine’s government does not require IT companies to pay VAT, and income tax is only about 5%, which makes it even more affordable to base your IT center there. 

2. Skills

More than 15,000 IT graduates leave Ukrainian universities every year. They not only learn sought-after programming skills but English and management skills to prepare them for a career in offshored IT.

3. Culture and language

Sure, most Ukrainians do not speak English, but most IT graduates do! More than 80% of all IT professionals can communicate in English, verbally, and in writing. Collaboration is quick and easy, and you never have to worry about your team misunderstanding your instructions. Ukrainians are also very familiar with US culture and work in big Western-style cities. There usually aren’t too many clashes in terms of culture.

4. Costs 

The cost of hiring developers in Ukraine is much lower than elsewhere. For example, a dedicated developer in Ukraine might charge $30 dollars per hour, whereas a US developer with the same skill set will charge $100 for the same work. 

5. Resilience

Ukrainians have grown up in challenging circumstances, which has given them incredible resilience. You could see this very clearly during the recent conflict, with many IT gurus building apps for the army and organizing workspaces in underground shelters. Most of the offshore developers you’ll work with are working safely from remote locations at the moment, but that type of resilience and can-do attitude is typical of Ukrainian people. 

6. Time zone

Ukraine’s time zone is very similar to Eastern America, and there is plenty of overlap for in-person huddles and scrums. You can very easily work with a team from Ukraine if you are based in Europe or in Eastern America. 

7. Flexible working model

Ukrainians are experts at offshoring. When you engage with an agency, all you really need to provide are a few details about your project, budget, and needs, and they will source and place expert developers with your company in a few weeks. They have dozens of highly trained developers on their books, many of whom have worked together before. If one developer leaves, or if your needs change, you can add new developers or remove a few within a matter of days. 

8. Experts in rare skills

Ukraine has focused on IT training and development, which makes it a great place to find new or rare skills, like React, Native, and Flutter developers. You can access these experts at a fraction of the cost, which makes Ukraine the perfect place to build a large team in a short amount of time.

Conclusion: Why hire a dedicated team in Ukraine?

There are plenty of reasons to look for a dedicated development team in Ukraine, but the best way to test the waters is to speak to an offshore agency in person. Ask them about their expertise and past projects – you’ll be surprised at the skills you can access! 

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