6 Main Reasons Why You Should Choose a Profession of Node.Js Developer

Today’s newest developers who are entering the IT scene seem to think that node js is on its way out when it comes to software development. The truth is that the current demand for web developers is still in full force. That’s because the rise in popularity for technologies like IoT has helped the technology industry maintain the need for things like node js development.  


If you’re looking to add a new skill to your resume, there is certainly a steady and consistent demand for node js developers for hire. Let’s take a closer look at why the node js developers job remains so popular and what it takes to work with this technology.

What Is Required of the Node js Developer Profession?

Node js is a runtime environment that, unlike PHP, allows developers to write applications in JavaScript on the server-side. Some of the main advantages of using node js are that it is easily scalable, high performing, and can be used as a single programming language. Since node js allows developers to write in JavaScript, most businesses look to hire node javascript developer that is proficient in both technologies.


The main node js developer features should include:


  • At least a couple of years’ experience working with node js. Those that are hiring will likely check to see that you have a variety of node js projects in your portfolio.
  •  A solid understanding of the node js frameworks
  • Front and back end developer skills
  • The ability to write efficient code that can be easily read and interpreted
  •  A background in JavaScript
  • A basic understanding of other front end technologies such as CSS and HTML
  • An understanding of security compliance and accessibility requirements


As with any IT profession, it’s important that you continue to build your skills and experience. Since many businesses are looking to hire node js developers that will work on multiple projects over time, it’s always a great advantage to continue to build your expertise. The technology is an open-source platform, so you can expect there will be a lot of changes and improvements over time.

The Advantages of Hiring Node js Developers

There are many advantages to hiring node js developers. Applications built with node have the benefits of:


  • Faster speed
  • Real-time applications
  • Data streaming
  • Easy coding
  • Fast coding
  • Unified database queries
  • A large and supportive community of support


Since node js allows you to write front-end code, the responsibilities of node js developers combine both front and back end developer obligations. Node js developers should have qualified knowledge of all server-side logic to ensure high-quality results. Developers who have more experience in node js will deliver a higher level of performance for most apps.


As more and more businesses require node js to effectively develop their latest project, pursuing a background in node js is an advantage to developers. Node js developers hiring is a large component of IoT app development. Since IoT now consumes billions of devices around the world, digital intelligence is not going anywhere soon. The prediction is that there will be node js developers needed for many years to come.

Node Js Vs PHP Developers


Many developers debate the topic of node js vs PHP. While the two do have some similarities, they also have distinct differences. Here are the ways they are alike:


  • They both have a main role in serving up web requests
  • They are both cross-platform technologies
  • They both perform really well in what they’re used for
  • There are a variety of extensions that can be used with both to get the results you need


Although the two are alike in many ways, they are also quite different. For starters, the two are different things altogether. Node js is a runtime environment. It runs the JavaScript language on the server-side. PHP is actually a scripting language. It needs to be interpreted in order or it to run effectively. Node is also more effective in running desktop applications, it’s more organized, and it was the first to handle non-blocking, responsive requests.

6 Reasons Companies Choose to Hire Node Js Developers


When it comes time to hire a developer, there are many reasons why companies should choose node js. Here are the top 6 reasons we’ve seen businesses choose node js developers over other developers in the industry.

1.          Node Js Is Great for Real-Time Development

When it comes to real-time web applications, node js takes the cake for quality, high-performing development. Node js developers are able to easily deliver real-time web apps at a faster speed than when using other technologies. Gaming apps, messenger apps, and other actionable applications can be easily written and delivered when using node.

2.          Faster, More Efficient Development Teams

When it comes to development, node js is the more productive solution. By using JavaScript, node developers have actually revolutionized the development process by closing the gap between front and back end development. Web development teams can now deliver faster, more efficient project results because they no longer require two separate teams to complete your application. This has lead to increased productivity, lowered cost, and better project results for businesses who invest in node js.

3.          Quicker Delivery

One of the greatest advantages of node js is that it is lightning fast. The platform node runs on itself is what’s so quick. This means it won’t slow down the development process and your app will deliver to your customers at the fastest rate of speed. Most businesses want to be able to deliver products and company information to their customers in the fastest manner possible. With node, fast performance is a high priority and you’ll see that your web applications deliver with speed every time.

4.          Highly Scalable

Scalability is another of the most important elements to consider when choosing your development process. As a business grows, it’s easier and more cost-effective to have applications built that are scalable. It’s extremely important that businesses can keep up with the demand as more and more customers turn to their application. Node is constantly optimized and able to handle any influx of use. You can easily make changes as your needs and requirements grow with your business, making it great for long-term company growth.

5.          It Has Long-Term Support

In a time where technology is constantly changing, most developers will tell you that having ongoing support is a must. This means fewer errors and bugs and more security. When you’re dealing with complicated enterprise applications, long-term support is one of the most important elements of success.

6.          Easy Cross-Platform Development

Last, but certainly not least, node js allows you to build cross-platform applications. That means you’ll use the same code regardless of where your users are accessing your application from. This is a huge plus for businesses looking to hire a development team because it saves time and money on the need to develop native apps for every platform. Again, this adds to productivity, efficiency, and speed, three of the core elements that make node so popular.

 So, there you have it! All the amazing reasons why node js is a great option for businesses and a great career path for developers. Once decision-makers know why and how to hire node js developers, there really is no resistance. The technology is fast, efficient, and scalable. Plus, it delivers top-level performance. All those elements aren’t just what businesses are looking to put into their latest app, but they are also what developers hope to deliver when they complete each project.

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