12 best places to visit in Delhi with your friends

All of us many friends and we cannot categories them under any one umbrella. One of them would want to go out just for coffee sit down and have a relaxing conversation and the other one would expect to meet at a bar and have fun the whole night. Well!! The truth is that we need each one of them. They complete our life. They are the ones who would make you feel important in different parts of your life as well. This brings us to the question of where should we meet that fulfills all these different requirements and allows us to enjoy ourselves at the same time.

The best thing about Delhi is that it allows so many different options that you will never run out of options. The meru cabs promo code will get you to these places in less time and attractive prices so that your budget is not disturbed. Here is a list of many places in Delhi with different experience that they offer, you are free to choose the ones which are according to your needs.

Top 10 Places are:

1) Connaught place: There is no way one can start the topic of places in Delhi without the heart of Delhi. Connaught place has so many options for food, entertainment, shopping, etc that it could be your pick for each outing. This is a favorite place for a lazy Sunday with your friends. There are brands and local options for all categories so you can spend the whole time creating a perfect day for yourself as everything is brought together in one space.

2) Fun N Food Village: Delhi started with one of the most amazing amusement parks which have maintained a reputation for a sure shot fun option. This is a perfect place for spending the day with the group of your friends. You get so many activity options that it will keep you occupied. The names bring back a lot of memories and if you wish to relive them why stop yourself. Grab your comfy clothes and be ready for a day filled with the day. There are also ample options for food so that you can enjoy a food break whenever you need it.

Select Citywalk:

When you wish to beat the heat or looking for a great ambiance then this is the place for you. This mall is spread in a huge area and has all the leading shopping brands. It is popular amongst all age goers and has many options. If you do not wish to shop with your girlies catch a movie or stop by coffee shops for a chit-chat. This place is lively and filled with the crowd almost at all times.

4) Lodhi Garden: If you want to spend some quality time with friends then do visit this place. It is a peaceful space in the bustling city. There are many places where you can sit easily and spend time.
5) DLF Promenade: If you wish to watch the latest movies or shop around at the best of brands then this is the place for you. Promenade has a combination of an internal shopping arcade and outside restaurants and bars. This makes it a preferred place to spend the whole day where one can choose to sit outside when the weather is better in the evening.

6) Deer Park: When you want to get away from the crowd and close to nature this is the place for you. Many people are surprised to see such a quiet place in the heart of a fully crowded street. You can have your most heartfelt conversations around the fountain.

7) Ambiance Mall: You can choose this place for window shopping or good eating joints the choice is yours. Ambiance mall is in Vasant Kunj which is well connected so traveling is not an issue. The mall offers good entertainment for a whole day as it has many joints for food or coffee where you can enjoy long conversation or quick bite whatever you like.

8) Japanese Park

This place will allow you to design your own day. Best suited for the picnic you can hang out here for the whole day. Sit under the trees and enjoy nature. You get the company of birds and other nature lovers who have come over for a relaxing day. This place is beautiful during sunset and sunrise and if you are interested in physical activities there is no dearth of options.

9) Hauz Khas: This place is an amazing option to spend quality time with your friends. Located in South Delhi it witnesses the best crowd from the city. You can feel the pulse of the city here. and it is filled with numerous pubs, bars, clubs, cafes, etc. The E block has the main market which is good for shopping or strolling as it suits.

10) Delhi Haat: When you are not sure what you really want to do. But still, wish to spend a good time out with friends Delhi Haat is your place to be. It is full of shops where you can indulge in local goods and commodities shopping and then sit to eat amazing mouth-watering food from all corners of the country. The authentic taste and quality are what attracts people to this location.

Indian Mountaineering Foundation Adventure

If you wish to address the adrenaline and get involved in adventure then this is the place best suited for you and your friends. It combines fun and thrill and you can choose from the various activities in line for you. It is best that the time slot is booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

12) Sarojini Nagar: For the shopaholics, it is the ‘Macca’. This place has ample shopping options and is considered the best place to visit with the girlies. The place is known for its economical products and there is nothing on the shopper’s list that they are not likely to find here. For most of the groups, time just flies when they indulge in buying amazing products for themselves.

Delhi will never run out of places where you can visit with your friends. The ample options can be picked based on the kind of day you wish to spend. Since the city is well connected getting together or reaching any of these places is also not a hassle.

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