7 Best Video Marketing Tools In 2021

You might be unaware, but video viewing has spiked up in recent times. Looking at the video viewing graph, it won’t be wrong to say that it has become one of the most popular content consumption ways.

Whether content marketers and SEOs like it or not, web content is leaping towards videos. This has given rise to several video makers and video editing tools that help creators make an effective and engaging video. If you are looking for the best video making tool, you might get several options online, but here are the best seven video making tools for you.

  • InVideo

No list of the best video makers is ever going to be complete without a mention of InVideo. Not only is InVideo a video creator with a number of free options, but it is completely online and does not require any downloads from the user. InVideo contains a large user library with stock audio and video footage for the users, a number of power transitions and animations, the ability to include multiple layers of audio and video, and voiceover capabilities. All these features in such a light and handy package puts InVideo high up in video editing priority for thousands of users across the world.

  • Apple iMovie

For all the Windows and Linux users, there are ample numbers of options available on the internet. But talking about the iOS users, the best bet for them is the Apple iMovie. This is a video making tool that is simple, elegant, and easy to use. The best part about this video making tool is that it is compatible with the entire range of Apple products. Be it the iPad, iPhone, Mac, or the iMac, you won’t find any problem using this tool seamlessly on any of these devices. This tool has the best and probably the most effective high-fidelity filter’s range. There are times when you shoot a video on your iPhone; in that case, you can use the Airdrop feature to seamlessly and wirelessly transfer your project to your Mac.

  • Animaker

Not everyone makes real videos; some of us love creating animated videos, right? If that’s the case, you can bank on anime makers. With all the advanced editing options, cool filters, and much more; Animaker is probably one of the finest and coolest animated video maker. If you are not that tech-geeky, you will love using this editing tool because it comes equipped with an easy UI. Editing or making long or short videos on this platform is easy and engaging. It supports the drag-and-drop function, which makes using Animaker easy.

  • Lumen5

If you are one of those who have good knowledge about a video editing tool’s technical aspects, you might be comfortable using any tool available on the internet. But in case you face problems while using your current tool, you can switch to Lumen5. It is an easy to use video making tool with a good starter book to educate the user of all the tricks they can use while editing. This tool is ideal for social media marketers who prefer making a short, crisp, flashy, and fun video or promos for their social handles. If you desire the same thing, then download Lumen5 without giving it a second thought. Not just the independent creators, but many big organizations also create their social videos on Lumen5 itself.

  • Animoto

Suppose you are a part of a content marketing team. In that case, Animoto is a must for you because it not just helps in creating excellent videos but also boosts the content engagement for your channel or website. You do need to pay for using this tool, but by no means, you can say that it is an expensive tool. Though the service providers are generous enough to offer a free-trial option but to get the best understanding and potential of the tool, you will have to buy it. Animoto has an extensive list of features that helps you in growing your business. It is one of the best apps for business, and many professionals use it to create their videos.

  • Nero Video

Apart from its low price, Nero Video is a fantastic video editing and making tool, even for professionals. Nero is a complete tool that comes equipped with a stock of tips and tricks for making the videos engaging and interactive. This is one of the elite class products and by far a perfect video making tool for beginners and professionals. With the anumber of editing options, filters, and tools, you won’t find a bit of a problem in using this application at all.

  • GoAnimate

GoAnimate is another phenomenal tool to have for those who want to create flashy and engaging anime-videos, gifs, and promos. On this platform, some webinars are conducted by experts to give a better understanding of the software. The software comes with unlimited hosting space, drag-and-drop options, audio sweetening, lip-syncing, and much more. You are surely going to enjoy your time creating videos on this platform.

  • Corel Video Studio

We saved the best for the end, and it won’t be wrong to give this credit to Corel Video Studio. This is a very lucrative tool that is being used worldwide by many organizations and video creators. With a top-of-the-line product list, this software comes equipped with 360-degree VR as well as 4k support. Though the downside of this software is that it lags a bit if you are running it on a low specs device, its phenomenal editing filters and options make it a wonderful tool to have on your device.


If you are looking for better video marketing methods, you should first work on creating engaging videos then you can start with this guide and improve your video marketing techniques. The most intriguing videos you create, the better it is for you. It will help your organization to get better viewership. If you are a starter, you can also check-out the InVideo editing software that comes loaded with features to create engaging videos.

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