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Tekken 3 is the most popular game among users. It is popular because of its concept. This is a fighting game in which you can choose your fighter from several other fighters. Once you select the fighter, all the fighter’s powers will be visible.

You can use them during the fight and use. This game is still retaining its popularity because several versions are available in the market, like Tekken 5, which was recently launched with added features for play stations, Xbox, etc.

Moving back to Tekken 3 for PC, this was launched in 1997 and 1998 on Arcade and play station. Now, it is available for PC and mobile. This can be downloaded from the play store for free.

Tekken 3 For Pc introduced new characters with advanced powers that can not be seen in previous versions like Tekken 2. Some of the characters are beyond expectations, like Ling Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury, Jin Kazama, Eddy Gordo, Hwoarang, etc.

Now, Tekken 3 consists of a total of 23 characters. Every character is amazing, and you are really going to love playing this game.

Tekken 3 For PC Legal Information:

Company NameArcade Flyer
DevelopersNamco ( Mike Fischer, Namco’s director of marketing)
PublishersJP: Namco Ltd. NA: Namco Hometek EU: SCEE
DirectorsMasamichi Abe Yutaka Kounoe Katsuhiro Harada
CharactersA total of 23 Characters.
Tekken 3 For PC Company Info

Tekken 3 Character And Gameplay

If you are a game lover, then you should try this out. I am sure you will be surprised. After playing this game, you will say, this was the best fighting game I have ever played in my life.

Tekken 3 is a fighting game where you can select your favorite character out of 23 characters in the game. While choosing the character’s power can be seen, and the controller is in your hand, play in your style.

Let me introduce the 23 characters of this game: Brayan Fury, Crow, Dr. Bosconovitch, Eddy Gordo, Forest Law, Gon, Gun Jack, Hwoarang, Jin Kazama, Julia Chang, King II, Kuma II, Ling Xiaoyu, Mokujin, Panda, Tiger Jackson, Ogre, True Ogre, Anna Williams, Heihachi, Mishima, Lei Wulong, Nina Williams, Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu. These are the character from which you can choose your favorite one and play.

For me, fighting games were always interesting because I love to play this kind of game. There is only one aim to knock out your opponent throughout the match before he knocks you out.

How To Play Tekken 3 in Laptop PC

Tekken 3 For PC retains the same gameplay as its predecessors. In contrast, the focus of this version is different from its predecessors. Tekken 2 was focused on avoiding injuries, while Tekken 3 focused on the character hiding within or out of context. Also, added some advanced powers which you can feel while playing this game.

In this version, the fighter can jump higher than the previous. Other features added like Backtracking, Diving, Combo Launches, Juggling, etc. To know more, you should play the game.

System Configuration For Tekken 3 For PC

Tekken 3 is a very small game if you have a normal PC with less configuration you can even play this game in that. Here is the PC configuration for Tekken 3 for PC.

CPUAt least Dual-core or Later
ROM2 GB minimum or More
ClockMinimum: 266MHz
RAM512 Mb or 1GB At least.
Operating SystemWindows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 or Later Version
Video Card1GB Nvidea Gforce
Sound CardCompatible with Windows (In-built)
Directx Version8.0
System Configuration for Tekken 3 For PC

How To Download Tekken 3 for PC

Tekken 3 for PC can be installed very easily like other software. There are several platforms from where you can install this game on your PC. Follow the procedure given below-

  • First of all open Google Chrome and type Download Tekken 3 for PC.
  • Click on the first link and download the application file.
  • Once, it is downloaded
  • Double click on application file to install the software
  • Click next and next several times until its shows the finish button.
  • Finally, click on this finish button and enjoy playing.

Some Important Questions Related to Tekken 3 For PC Download

How can I download Tekken 3 in PC 2021?

1. First of all open Google Chrome and search for “Download Tekken3 for PC”.
2. Now, click on the first link appear
3. Then click on the downloaded Setup and wait till the page load
4 Then click on Start Download.
5. Once downloaded double click on the file and install.
6. Now it is ready to play.

Is Tekken free to play?

Yes! it is free to play on PC you can download its file from the several platforms available on the internet and you can download it for free.

Can we play Tekken 3 online?

Yes! I hope you heard about Rom Station that has been fully configured for several games including Tekken 3. You can connect with other people on the internet and enjoy playing together online.

Is there a Tekken 3 movie?

Tekken 3 movie was first released in the US on 22 November 2011 and 1 December 2011 in Japan. The movie was originally released in the Japanese language some popular star casts of the movie are Jakie chan, Tonny Jaa, Jason Statham, and Scott Adkins, etc.

How many stages are in Tekken 3 arcade mode?

There are a total of 9 stages in Arcade mode.
To decrease the number of stages, defeat the opponent with a lower rank. The prize money is calculated based on the stage bonus, health bonus, time bonus, and special Bonus.

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