Google Play Store vs 9Apps other Apps Markets

Android phones come with Google Play Store.  To download and update various applications, most of our users rely entirely on it. But, there are few other choice app marketplaces/app shops that users may try 9Apps is also a mobile app marketplace for Android devices which offers app downloads and arranges alongside other unique capabilities. These additional features make this app store worth a try. We can go right ahead and state that this app is your ideal alternative to Google Play Store.

What’s 9Apps?

9Apps is a favourite mobile app shop available for Android devices. Users may even use this App Shop to download or upgrade apps like Google Play. 170 million monthly active users have already trusted this app. It scores approximately 20 million downloads on a day to day basis. The tremendous numbers indicate how successful this app is.

Should I Download the Android apps from 9Apps Store?

Since malware and other threats are rising, experts recommend users to download apps from Play Store. So, apparently, it confuses us whether we should use play store or 9Apps. But this app’s priority is security, and it only receives applications from trusted sources. So, we shouldn’t be concerned about security while downloading apps from this app marketplace. The company keeps routine check including malware scanning to provide us with a safer location to download apps.

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Top features of 9Apps store.

We can hear you say, Why can not we just use play store? We have been using it for a while. 9Apps is an App Store too. There are many reasons why we ought to choose 9Apps play store. Find it has interesting features that differentiate it from other app shops listed below.

Better App recommendations.

9Apps uses an intricate algorithm to urge the user’s apps that they will like. In addition, it offers one-click installation of these recommended apps. A Wide Selection of categories
It has a vast selection of classes and makes app searching easier. We can select any category and find the apps listed from that. The user can filter out unnecessary apps.

Very Quickly Cost comparison.

This attribute will interest all of internet shoppers. So, users can control the price of stocks across various retailers and see what merchant is offering it to get lower cost. This assists in saving oodles of cash. Coupons
The consumer may also get coupons from the respective section. Before we shop online, we have to check this section to see if a card is available. Can no one turn down a good voucher right?

Hindi Language Support

9Apps comes with Hindi language assistance. In the event the user is more comfortable in Hindi than English, they can use the app in the Hindi language. It also makes it easier to hunt Hindi apps.

Immediate Cashback for Downloading Amazon. When the consumer downloads Amazon application from 9Apps, they will get instantaneous money back of Rs. 50 within their Amazon account. 9Apps is an efficient app. Why choose Play store over 9Apps if 9Apps serves the exact same purpose but with greater attributes.

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