Top 5 best emulator for Pubg

Player Unknown’s Battleground is the most trending game right now. If it is not for its mobile version, which was launched about a year ago for Android platform, it may not have been known to most of the world. And this all started from its PC version. Pubg is originally developed for PC, and it is not free. To play pug on pc, you need to purchase it from Steam, at an approximate price of above Rs.1000. And it is a reasonable price concerning the Gameplay, Graphics, and experience it offers as compared to its free mobile version (PUBG MOBILE).

Since there are not so many players willing to buy this game at such a price, there are other ways to play Pubg on Pc for free. One such way is the Android Emulators. Pubg Mobile can be played for free on Pc using android emulators. As there are a number of emulators available all over the net, it is difficult to say which one is best. That’s why! We tested the most popular of them and then short-listed to the most compatible, user-friendly, faster, smoother and lag-free emulators. So here is what you might be looking for!

Top 5 best emulator for pubg :

1-Tencent Gaming Buddy:

This emulator is the #1 recommended emulator to play pubg on pc. It is the official emulator by Tencent, developed especially to play PUBG Mobile on PC. Due to the smaller screen and controls, most of the players didn’t get the actual feeling out of the game. Therefore, Tencent games introduced Tencent Gaming Buddy, so that the players can enjoy PUBG at its best. It offers high-resolution graphics, lag-free gameplay, and flexible controls. The mouse and keyboard setting are already configured, but they can be changed from the settings. TGB works on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and requires at least 3GB RAM and minimum 2 GB storage space, which is common for most the PCs.


MEmuPlay emulator is one of the most popular emulators and is specially designed for gaming purpose. And it is far more reliable and compatible in case of PUBG pc. As far we are concerned, it is the best alternative for Tencent gaming buddy. It does runs faster and provides a frame rate of near about 60 fps, which other emulator doesn’t exceed to. The default key-mapping feature is one of its few features. But you can change the Mouse and Keyboard controls if you wish as per your comfort. It consumes less space and gives high performance. Hence, MEmuPlay Emulator tops our list at the second position.

3.No player,

No player is an another specifically designed android emulator to experience non-stop and high-speed gaming. In spite of, it is just a new emulator in the market, the main reason we included cosplayer in our list is its consistency, user-friendliness, OpenGL and hardware acceleration. Like other emulators, cosplayer too has keyboard Mapping features. Its speed mode maximizes the pubg gameplay and performance so that you will never leave behind. The built-in screen recorder can be used to record pubg gameplay, in case if you are looking to share with your friends or upload it on YouTube. One should definitely try out this emulator.

4.NoxApp Player6 :

NoxApp Player regardless of it’s over years reputation comes on the fourth position of our best emulator for pubg list. The features that make NoxPlayer the fourth best emulator for PUBG is the Gamepad and Keypad feature. Nox Player simply adapts to any android gamepad with a single click. The controls can be customized as per the game. And if we are going to play PUBG using Nox, then the gamepad and controls customization sure gonna help a lot. But it is also one of its flaws, cause its obligated to configure controls each time when you open or play other games. Other features to look after in NoxApp Player is the stability, reliableness, different skins and steadily performance.

  1. Bluestacks :

Not specifically designed for PUBG or just gaming, but for stability and smooth performance, bluestacks is the last contender in our list. Bluestacks is the most popular and widespread emulator. The reasons we included Bluestacks in our list is its capabilities of running Android applications and games without any lagging or crashes. As PUBG Mobile is too an android game just like other games but of large size, bluestacks didn’t find any reason to run it without any errors or malfunctions. But as we said before, bluestacks isn’t developed originally for gaming, you will surely get some itching in configuring the PUBG graphic settings and Keyboard and Mouse controls. Otherwise, Bluestacks is still the best emulator to play pubg on pc.


Wrap it up:

As we saw, these were the top 5 best emulators to play ping mobile on pc for free. All these five emulators fit the perfect criterion to install, run or play PUBG without any disturbance and flaws. And we have ranked them concerning different aspects. Although, we recommend you to go with Tencent Gaming Buddy, as it is  developed by PUBG developers (Tencent) itself. Thus it has a plus point to be considered. Otherwise, gameplay emulator is the right choice if Tencent Gaming Buddy fails your expectations. Its true that they all have some considerable vital features, but the real choice is still up to you!



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