Easy way to give a clean look to the XML code

XML (Extensive Markup Language) is a commonly used language for programming and scripting purposes. Highly competent programmers use it to develop robust applications including e-commerce platforms. Programming projects are actually quite tough to handle irrespective of whether you are developing a mobile application, web-based platform or any other category of software program. 

Developers have to make rapid changes in the code to make the functionality work. At that point, the appearance of the code really does not matter because the priority is making the program run successfully. However, this does not mean that the code can be handed over with the same messy appearance.

Clean XML code is a professional requirement

Whether you are developing an XML program at the student level or as a professional programmer for business purposes, well-organized code is necessary. If you were working as a professional programmer, you would have to hand over the XML code to the client after the application has been deployed. 

Most software development timelines are strict to developers have to be sure that they do not have any extra tasks on their heads. Improving the XML code appearance manually is undoubtedly very exhausting. You need to see each line of the code. If it has alignment problems or there are unnecessary spaces, the errors have to be manually removed. The code is expected to be in top-notch condition according to the recommended guidelines.

The XML beautifier is a serious difference-maker

When you are working as a software programmer, time is something you need to save at all times. Prepostseo XML beautifier is a commendable tool for developers because it helps them in saving precious time. In addition to that, it beautifies the code and gives it a professional look. There is absolutely no need to check the alignment of each line and then make changes manually.

  • Like all other programming platforms, XML also requires a lot of concentration while the development tasks are being carried out. In addition to that, when you are done with the deployment and the application has been developed, use this tool to beautify the code. This tool brings the distorted code into a well-drafted format. 
  • It is very natural to write code statements without aligning them properly. However, to make the code presentable, the easiest way is using the XML beautifier.

Working process of the XML beautifier

 The working process of the XML beautifier is not complicated in any way. It comprises of few simple steps.

Paste the actual XML code

This step is executed after you are done with the development process. Simply copy the code and paste it in this text box. After that, you only have to click the “beautify XML” button. The tool would read the code and beautify it. All the spaces, extra parenthesis and other similar constituents would be removed. 

No technical code problems at the last moment

Consider that you are beautifying the XML code manually. While reading a particular line, you feel that a parenthesis is extra and you remove it. When the code is executed, it does not run. This can turn into a very problematic situation because you would not be able to execute the code. If you are using the XML beautifier, you can be sure that such problems would not be countered.

  • Checking the code manually and improving its appearance has many other negative effects apart from unwanted time consumption. While editing the code, a technical flaw can be developed as well. At the last moment prior to deployment, if any such issue is created, the developer can end up in a tough situation. Using the XML beautifier is a better alternative as there are no risks of developing code-related problems.

Easy interface and quick output generation

The ideal combination of a quality tool is a simple set of controls and immediate generation of related outputs.  The XML beautifier consumes very less time to convert the distorted code to the one with an organized layout. 

  • XML programmers do not have to explore the interface and figure out the options. They are only responsible for copying the source code and pasting it in the given text box. No manual improvements have to be made to the actual code. Other than that, the format improvement does not consume a lot of time. 
  • In a very short while, the code appearance would be improved. For professional programmers, this is a big time-saving option. Other than that, they do not have to work hard and improve the code 

A free tool that saves effort

XML programmers are very much aware of the effort that is put in to develop an application. It is not simple by any means. After this exhausting process, it is not possible for them to improve the code appearance. In other words, they do not have the energy to go through several lines of code and refine the layout. Hence, using this tool is obviously easier as it does not involve any effort.


Developing XML applications is a tough job. One has to apply software development logic, use the correct syntax, explore programming options and complete other technical goals. The eventual goal while programming is making the application run successfully. 

However, apart from deploying the application, developers have to be sure that the code is in the presentable form before being delivered to the client.  One way to do this is read through several lines and then improve the appearance. However, this is an exhausting alternative and coders do not opt for it.

The XML beautifier is a free tool that works on the distorted code appearance. A code that is technically amazing may have the most distorted appearance. For XML programs, this tool assists in making the layout better. The tool is used online so users can avoid the tiring activities of installing tools and then using them.

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