How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft 2020

Creation of adventurous3D sandbox game by Markus Persson was released in 2011 by the name of Minecraft which was later purchased by Microsoft in 2014.

This game is designed in a way that gives freedom to players to use their minds creatively and in an innovative manner. It engages the player in building blocks with the help of materials available in the surroundings and keeps killing monsters or mining etc. and allows the players to continue exploring the levels.

Here comes a glimpse of popularity. In 2019, 180 million copies across the world were sold.

Now Let’s figure out the fascinating part of the game which is about ‘Stone’ which is found in different types and later needs to be crafted to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft.

So post finding the stones, the creativity lies in making a smooth stone in Minecraft. Here we will explore the steps to get to the point of attaining smooth stone:

Gather the key items in the initial steps to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft :

The requirement of the material is an important part of the play, which goes hand in hand along with the progress in the games. To achieve the target of getting the smooth stone, it is important to keep loading the following material.

  • Bunch of Cobblestones
  • Coal
  • Fuel

The above-required material will be used initially to get the regular stone and later to finally make the smooth stone in Minecraft.

Once all the material is available, it will be a time to get on the second step, which is: 

Crafting Furnace by using Cobblestone:


  • Cobblestone is the most common stone; however, it has a significant role in the play. It is used for multiple purposes. They are required in huge numbers.
  • Craft the Furnace by using eight blocks of Cobblestone. Each block should be filled except the middle one.
  • Once the Furnace is crafted, place a maximum of 64 cobblestones in the top slot of the Furnace. 

Fuel the Furnace:

Coal is a good source of energy and found underground at any level and sometimes seen on the surface too. The simple way of recognizing the availability of coal is to consider blocks with black specks on them.


Now fuel the Furnace with the arrow. This arrow will fill the first block with the coal initially and get on to the next one. Once both the slots are filled, it will instantly start smelting on its own.

Once the process is finished, the burning flames will be observed, and the Cobblestone will start taking the shape of the regular stone.

Smoothen the stone:

Once the Cobblestone is received in the form of natural stone. The same process of attaining regular stone needs to be repeated. The only difference in the process now is that this time instead of cobblestones, the regular stone achieved by the previous process needs to be added on the top slot of the Furnace to get the smooth stone in Milestone finally.

Final Verdict-

So yes! this article is all about “How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft”, and I hope you got the article helpful. If yes, then drop a query/thank-you in the Comment section. Lastly, keep gathering and keep exploring.

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