Shree Sai Construction App Features and Download


Shree Sai Construction app is working towards the Disconnection Service of Electricity System. Through this Mobile App, Our aim is to prevent those people who are using the electricity without paying, or they have massive due amount.

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A reliable and qualified technical team operates our App, and we are working towards generating local human resources to make this medium more easily accessible through awareness and using Power connectivity.

How to Download?

Just click on the Download button to download the app on your mobile phone.


Our team Will do exhaustible research in the areas we are going to cover for the initiation of our project. And for this matter, we are about to spread our services to many divisions. Therefore, CHEQUE POOL SERVICES LLP would work towards making this situation easier by disconnecting power/meter through its CHEQUE POOL APPLICATION (Which include Shree sai App) BASED ON ANDROID.

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