The perfect Tech Gifts to keep your Kids Active

The Best Hoverboard For Kids in 2019.

In the modern era, kids are primarily consumed by the electronic world and its possibilities. They’ve stepped away from the usual toys such as action figures and have now turned to gadgets instead.

In this article, we’ll come up with some of the best tech gift ideas for your kids that’ll still encourage outdoor play.

Play Laser Tag at home in the Garden.

One of the recently trending gift ideas is the Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming Set. It’s the perfect gift for both boys and girls. The Laser X is a great way of combining technology with outdoor activity. It combines the best of both worlds.
A standard package comes with two guns and two receiver vests. The goal of the game – like in real laser tag – is to blast the vest of the opponent. This works wonders for child activity and sparkles their imagination. The cool built-in sound effects also help the kids immerse in the experience.
If needed, the set can easily be combined with more sets to allow for more players simultaneously.

Activate your Kid with a hoverboard.

One of the cool trends that have gained traction over the last few years is the hoverboard.
The hoverboard allows kids – much like a skateboard – to travel around on wheels. However, the hoverboard is powered by a motor, making for an exciting tech experience for your kids.
Kids of all ages and still adults enjoy a nice ride down the road in the summer. There’s even hoverboards for tough weather and road conditions! The best hoverboard for kids is preferably something safe with a durable build.


best hoverboard for kids

Train Motoric Skills at home with the Sports Center.

For the slightly younger audience, there is the Vtech Smart Shots Sports Center. This 2-in-1 kids basketball and soccer goal sports centre is perfect for toddlers. An animated LED scoreboard will count the goals up to ten, playing exciting sounds and animations upon scoring.
This set helps developing toddlers’ motor skills and encourages them to experiment and learn with the rewarding animations etc.
The ideal age for this toy is between 1 and three years. Additionally, the toy comes with shape buttons on the side that introduces numbers, sounds and shapes along with the music. It’s a brilliant way for kids to explore and learn.

Wrapping Up.

We know not all kids are alike. Some like action figures while other like iPhones and apps. The general development, though, is that more kids are getting attracted to gadgets and technology because of how advanced it is getting.
The above opinions are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of cool technology gifts that encourage your kids to go outside today.
Hopefully, this helped you with some inspiration, so you can get you can activate your kid a little more. Encourage them to outdoor play and the fact that being outside isn’t so bad after all.

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