Best Laptop To Buy Under 50000 in 2018


Thinking about buying a laptop?
Recommended brands for you.

I have been using laptops for several years, and I have been working on several repairs per month. I have tried first and second hand the best-known brands, and I have heard from clients and friends the experiences they have had. This is the ranking of laptop brands from the worst to the best as per my experience.
First of all, I clarify that this review is based on standard, light use, going through office work to heavier jobs with design programs as well as gaming.


Best laptop available under 50000 (Fifty Thousands Rupees).

  1. SONY
  2. HP
  4. ASUS
  6. DELL
  7. ACER


laptop-under 50k

In general, I have always seen Sony as a company that offers laptops with prices above average, oriented to multimedia and general use. It is the brand that I recommend the least for a laptop. They can be very good in other types of electronics, but in laptops: Period.

I have seen several fail with serious problems, mostly screen, they are not very resistant.

They usually bring good configurations.


laptop-under 50k

As Sony has not enjoyed a good image regarding durability. It’s the brands that I do not recommend.


Many factory crapware (which can be removed), generally slow and many models come with factory failures.
Some of the Models such as DV6000 have design problems that cause overheated and broke the video card. One such case surprised me because in the US they refused to give refunds until the problem became very.

Good aesthetic details.



Best laptop available under 50000

Here the thing starts to get good. Samsung is one of the brands that I recommend.


Bearing in mind that ALL the equipment of ALL brands is created within the programmed obsolescence the Samsung is gaining a reputation on my list.
They seem durable, although I need to see them for one or two more years.
They have good aesthetics and good benefits. The price is not the best, but it is not overpriced.


I have not found major flaws yet. Only once to reinstall a computer to its factory state was the process confusing.




A brand that I recommend mainly for heavy use and gaming.


well-armed models of benefits. Generally, the components/models are pulling the latest and most modern, the most powerful. Especially the models designed for games.


The price, although each time they offer versions that maintain good configurations at more suitable prices.



We enter the Top 3. Toshiba is stable, rarely fail. Reliable for personal use as well as for companies and journeys.

Stable, reliable, there is not much more to say.

A lot of crapware to uninstall, not many variants in configuration.




Dell. It offers sober models, adjustable in many cases and quite stable.


I have rarely seen Dell laptops fail. They withstand extreme mobility (trips, blows, etc.) and in addition to the features have good support for drivers.
The website is relatively easy to navigate to find information.
They have an excellent service of support and replacement of parts, at least in the corporate options.
I received parts in less than a week. You can request support by Chat.

The price is sometimes very high for import costs, but if you buy in the US are more accessible.
In my experience in the last two years, Dell offers a lot of quality.
The price is not the best, but they have good support (although they have their buts to contact and agree).




acer-laptop-under 50k

The winning brand of my trust for more than four years is ACER. and it’s weird because about 15 years ago, in one of my first jobs Acer was a disastrous brand, bad endings, failures everywhere.

Detestable But something happened in the company (in fact some changes of direction) and today is one of the companies with more equipment production in the world.



  1. Resistant. I have taken laptops every day in cars, motorcycles and have never failed. The first one I had I sold it, and it is still working with small flaws. Seven years are working!
  2. The second I still have it, and I’m about to sell it with updates, and the third is the one I’m using right now to write these lines.
  3. They also have multiple configurations, and the prices are generally the lowest.
  4. Many times the models of the components are not the latest, but that helps to have good equipment at a lower cost.


  1. I have seen complaints on the Internet regarding models that fail … from the factory. That is, if they fail, they come badly. Generally, they are not to fail, but when they do it is serious.



I have not included Lenovo or IBM because they are brands that I have not had the pleasure of trying to taste. However, if I recommend them as an alternative, then I will put the best laptop available under 50000 at the same level as the Dell or the Asus.
I have not added to Apple either because they are less flexible regarding use, but mainly because it is not a brand that I use, much less that I have reviewed.

My limited experience with Apple is to say that many users love the brand or hate it.
I hope these recommendations serve you and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries.

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How to Download and Install Subway Surfers Mod Apk app Unlimited Coins and Keys


Download Subway Surfers mod apk app for android with Unlimited Coins and Keys.


Subway surfers mod apk app free download with unlimited Coins and Booster hacks is one of the games which is the oldest but still one of the most popular sports in the android market. It was launched in the market after the second version of Android was launched & after the games like angry birds, this game took the market share. The game could be found on most of the Android smartphones and many versions if subway Surfers Mod were released.

subway surfer mod

It is an infinite running game, where you are playing like a kid who surfs on the railway rails or the roads. Here you need to collect the coins, download the latest mod apk with Unlimited Coins hacks, and there will be three lanes on which you can hop on in the case where your current path has some barrier and modded with unlimited coins booster. You are protecting your player from the Police Officer whose name is Grumpy, which you will see if you nudge any of the obstacles during the game & he will pop up on the screen, holding you in his hand as you are caught in the act.

Here is the way to download Subway surfers mod apk with unlimited Coins and keys Hacks.

In the game, you will face many obstacles like different sign boards, moving trains, moving buses on the road, bushes, pillars, etc. Here you will also get various powers in the gameplay, or I can say multiple types of equipment like jump stick, jetpack, immunity surfboard, unlimited coins hack, and Modded app download for free.

These power equipment will come various times during the game & you need to collect them to use them. Now, these equipment have some usage time, which you can increase by using coins.
All over the game is easy to play, just the activity of the gameplay gradually increase with time to make it challenging, interesting & more enjoyable with the latest version of subway surfers modded app unlimited coins and keys for life free install.

Let us talk about some of the features in Subway Surfers Modded with unlimited coins, and keys hack apk:

  • The game has gradually improved its graphics with time & now, in the latest versions, you will get engaging themed HD graphical game with Unlimited Coins and Keys.
  • The game has covered many cities by launching each version for a different city, the newest version of Subway Surfers mod apk unlimited keys and coins hack for free has covered Iceland tour.
  • Subway Surfers Modded apk unlimited Coins and keys hack also started the new quest where it has hidden Easter eggs with fantastic prizes and unlimited keys.
  • The game offers social media platforms connection activity & shares your scores, plus you can help your social media connected friends too.
  • Offers weekly hunt prize where lucky players will win the draw & can claim it.
  • In the Subway Surfers mod Apk unlimited Coins and Booster apk, you will get everything pre-unlocked with unlimited coins & much more.


Download Subway surfers mod apk Unlimited Coins Hacks.

Since subway surfer mod apk download is more often an offline game, then even if you use the mod file, you will not get banned. The requirements of the subway surfer are shallow so that it may run on any Android smartphone very quickly & smoothly.
So now, let us talk about how we can download and install the latest mod apk version of the subway surfers modded  Apk file with all new Unlimited coins and keys for your android smartphone.

Let us get started.

Step 1:

If you are using any subway surfers modded apk with unlimited coins and keys is a game on your android smartphone currently, then you need to uninstall it as you cannot run both moded an original version of the game at the same time. I regret that you may lose your previous high scores, but in the moded match, you will make the better one soon.

Step 2:

To “download the mod Apk” file of the subway surfer visit any of the given link below:

You can download the latest Mod with Unlimited Coins the game from the above download link. That link is working fine. There are multiple links available on that site. You can choose any of them. Sometimes the file download doesn’t start automatically with a single click, so I will suggest you click several times & also check that pop-up is not blocked in your browser.

Step 3:

When you are done with the downloading of the Modded Apk file of the subway surfer with unlimited and infinite coins and hacks from the above-given links, then you just need to allow the installation of this application as it will be restricted on your phone as it is downloaded from other sources than Google play store.

To recognize its installation, you need to change some settings of your Android smartphone, do not worry. This will not harm your smartphone.

Now open your android smart phone’s settings, then in the settings scroll down until you find the setting option named as “Security.”

Open the security settings and then again scroll down until you find an environment named “Unknown Sources.” In default, this setting will be disabled to install and download your latest mod Apk file of Subway Surfers Modded you need to enable it. So tap it to allow it to.

Step 4:

You are done, now close the settings of the modded app with Booster and Unlimited Coins and keys Hacks.

Step 5:

Now open the default file manager on your android smartphone, if your smartphone does not have any file manager application then you can download subway surfer latest mod apk with unlimited coins and hacks pack any file manager application from Google play store.

I will recommend my readers to download the file manager named “ES File Explorer.”

Step 6:

Now open your file manager & and then open the internal storage of your Android smartphone in the file manager.

Step 7:

Search for the mod apk file that you have downloaded; it should be in the folder named “Downloads” in the internal storage of your android smartphone.

Step 8:

Once you find the application, tap to install it. It may ask for some permission, which you need to allow. After this, your game (subway surfer mod apk infinite and unlimited coins and keys hack) will start investing.

Step 9:

Once the game is installed, it will ask you to create your account via sign up. Complete the process & you are done. Enjoy the game. You will have all the resources unlimited, like coins & keys. Now start the surf & enjoy it.

subway surfer mod
Download subway surfers modded apk and app

Subway Surfers modded apk unlimited coins and keys Hacks.

Subway Surfers modded apk unlimited coins and keys is free to play & with the mod, it is more fun to play. Please note that the subway modded game has many versions covering various cities, the links I gave above may lead to different versions, but all over the game is the same, just some features changes.

I hope you liked this article & got all the helpful, relevant information that you required. Thank you for reading this article & enjoy this fantastic game.

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