Easy way to give a clean look to the XML code

XML (Extensive Markup Language) is a commonly used language for programming and scripting purposes. Highly competent programmers use it to develop robust applications including e-commerce platforms. Programming projects are actually quite tough to handle irrespective of whether you are developing a mobile application, web-based platform or any other category of software program.  Developers have to … Read more

Download Pubg PC in 2gb RAM Free full version zip and Setup file


Currently, PUBG Pc can be obtained in Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macau and Thailand. Officially, PUBG PC beta test is not available in India however you can use VPN to play PUBG PC in India and other unsupported nations. Currently, Download Pubg PC in 2gb RAM … Read more

PS2 Bios Download PCXS2 Bios Emulator Bios

Hello World, this post is all about the PS2 BIOS, which is prevented on many websites. Also, they can not share the BIOS files for PlayStation 2 consoles and emulators. According to PCSX2’s Official website, this is not allowed to provide and download the PS2 BIOS file, But When it comes to gaming, then without … Read more

Shree Sai Construction App Features and Download

Shree Sai Construction app is working towards the Disconnection Service of Electricity System. Through this Mobile App, Our aim is to prevent those people who are using the electricity without paying, or they have massive due amount. A reliable and qualified technical team operates our App, and we are working towards generating local human resources … Read more

Top 5 Alternative of WhatsApp Messenger

The most popular messaging app on the planet is WhatsApp Messenger. This WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. As this WhatsApp is the topmost and popular, the company has been regularly bringing the updates that it should remain at the top. It is an open fact that everyone uses WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the ways … Read more

What Is SSL MITM Attack and How to Avoid It?

What Is SSL MITM Attack and How to Avoid It?

From the last two decades, people tend toward online shopping, and e-business has been increasing. Likewise, the demand for web security is also boosting because financial transactions and private information exchange are done at a high level on e-commerce sites. So, SSL is being used in most of the e-commerce sites as it is the … Read more

Uses of WP Reset On A WordPress Website

Being an on-site web developer is a very hard job. With all the debugging, testing and complex chores, the work becomes a big blob of headache. If you are a developer and can relate to all of these situations, the developers have published a very important and useful plugin which helps to reset all the … Read more

How to Use Gradients in the UI Design Effectively

rends are never stationary, they keep changing and evolving. And in the world of UI design, gradients are back. They add visual depth, complexity and style, whether they’re used as background or foreground. Designers use them to visualize a mood and make an emotional connection with viewers. Gradients are inspired by natural and real world colors, which are rarely flat … Read more

SAM Technology Provides Professional & Top-notch Rapid Prototyping Services

SAM Technology is an industry giant in providing top-notch rapid prototyping services. From 3D CAD designs, we are able to provide customers with quality prototypes. Our filament fabrication process is simple and easy to use for industry professionals. On rapid prototyping services, we offer clients similar solutions. Whether you are an artist, engineering firm, or … Read more

How Social Media are Changing the Dating Scene

How Social Media are Changing the Dating Scene

The emergence and development of dating sites radically changed the communication between people, the ways of becoming to know each other, and the society as a whole. This is expressed, for example, in the increased number of interracial marriages and the stability of the institution of marriage itself. The guys conducted this research over at … Read more

The Future of Web Development in 2018


Since the introduction of comprehensive and popular CMS systems like WordPress, and the universal increase in the performance of mobile devices for web browsing, there haven’t been any radical changes in web development – and 2019 promises to be a year of refinement rather than revolution. Here are five trends to look out for: Minimalism. … Read more


web hosting

Web hosting has been a great solution to website owners ever since the Internet came into existence. While websites are becoming more content oriented and deal with substantial incoming traffic, hosting preferences are also changing. It may become detriment sometimes when you choose a hosting service, and it doesn’t go well with your website requirements. … Read more